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Getting Started: Citations

An introduction to the library services of the Bishop Ransom Library.

Citations Matter

In their simplest form, citations are a means of giving credit where credit is due.  Scholarship is a conversation and scholars use citations not only to give credit to original creators and thinkers, but also to add strength and authority to their own work.  By citing their sources, scholars are placing their work in a specific context to show where they "fit" within the larger conversation.  Citations are also a way to leave a trail intended to help others who may want to explore the conversation or use the sources in their own work.

In short, citations:

  • give credit
  • add strength and authority to your work
  • place your work in a specific context
  • leave a trail for other scholars

Resources for Theological Writing

Citation Management Tool

Citation management tools can help keep your research organized, prevent transcription or typographical errors, and create ease for citing and creating bibliographies.

Zotero is an open source tool that allows you to save, manage, and create formatted citations. It automatically senses content in your web browser, allowing you to add it to your personal library with the click of a button. Download Zotero Now!